Would you go out like this?

Taste in clothing and accessories can vary wildly.  I knew a girl in high school who used to wear a stretchy, glittery, long pink skirt with a brown and green and orange floral t-shirt.   And I saw a guy yesterday who had on one of those urban kilts – definitely not the mainstream!  When it comes to clothing, most people have some sort of limit in their daring side.  I recently put my googling skills to the test, and came up with the following…um…unusual headwear.  Would you wear any of these on your head?

  1. Hair Sculpture – can you do the ‘do?
  2. Apparently, people wear things like this at the Kentucky Derby.
  3. Marie Antoinette could pull off wearing a ship on top of her wig, but can you?
  4. I once saw a mailman wearing a pith helmet, although I don’t think his had a built-in air conditioner.
  5. Eat it or wear it?  I don’t know how long this would last in the sun, but I bet chocolate hats taste as good as chocolate bars!

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