Choosing the best hairstyle for fine hair can be tricky. More so, if you have a round face. Fine hair is sensitive to styling. Having a round face means your hairstyle selection is very limited. You need to make sure that your face will not look too rounded. A round face has a great symmetry, but it emphasized a slightly wide cheekbones. When it comes to choosing a hairstyle, you need to choose the one that helps break the symmetry of the face. Choose the one that helps incorporate lengths and angles so as to create an illusion of a wider cheek and elongated face.
When it comes to hair texture, fine hair is described as baby soft hair. It has a soft texture and most of the time confused with thin hair. The diameter of each hair stand is smaller as compared to the average hair. Fine hair is beautifully soft, but it is also prone to breakage. Aside from that, it also has the tendency to fall flat. With the right haircut, hairstyle, and products to use, you will be able to turn a fine hair into something fabulous. If you have fine hair and round face, you might want to check out the following hairstyles:
Short bob
Short bob is a classic hairstyle that looks really great on people with fine hair. It creates an illusion of a longer face. To give this classic short hairstyle a modern twist, you can add highlights. It helps create a beautiful contrast. If you are not so sure as to what kind of highlights to add to your hair, feel free to ask your hairstylist. He/she can recommend something that would complement the color of your hair as well as your skin complexion.
Layered short hairstyle
When talking about layered hairstyle, a lot of us think that it only suits people with long hair. Well, not really in this modern time. Even short hair can flaunt a layered hairstyle. A soft, short, and subtle layer softens round face. Just because you cut your hair short does not necessarily mean that you also let go of your femininity. You can still remain feminine even with short hair as long as you incorporate layers in it. Layers do create body and movement too.
Cropped hair
This hairstyle looks fantastic to women of all ages. It signifies superiority and power. It can slim down your face. So, if you have rounded face and you want to make it look slim and elongated, a cropped hair is your best option. Try to experiment on the colors. Ash blonde looks perfect, but if you don’t want something light, then your next best option is medium brown.
Having a round face and fine hair may sound like a problem to many. However, with the right hairstyle and color, you will be able to highlight the beauty of fine hair and the sophistication a rounded face has. It is just a matter of choosing a hairstyle that suits you best.

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