Confidence and self-esteem are sometimes the most lacking or decreasing to moms after delivering their babies. Post-partum depression is really evident to them and that is why there is a need for “post-partum makeover” in order for them to regain their happy spirits. As we all know that hair is the “crowning glory” for women and they usually express their current emotions and moods through the cuts or styles of their hair – like a heartbreak, new relationship, promotion, etc.
After giving a birth, you want to make something new to yourself. A noticeable change which will determine that there is a significant happening in your life, celebrating motherhood. But how can you go back to grace if you’re lacking confidence and self-esteem booster? Here are some quick, simple, and easy tips that need less time, effort, and maintenance according to your hair length which will help you go back to glam and fab after the delivery.
Long Hair
They say that having a long hair has the most time consumed in order to manage it. Well, we look at the bright side. Long hair has the most convenient way of maintaining yourself as fabulous as you could because there are lots of styles that you can do to help your face and its attributes very appealing in the eyes of everyone.

  • Pony Tail. One of the famous long hairstyles is the Pony Tail. It can be high or low, but it will definitely bring out the tidiness and freshness of your face, ears, and neck. You can be playful with your ponytail by adding some embellishment like crystals or floral clips. If you want it to be more simple but very sophisticated, you may just make its tip curly or spiral, then just leave it swaying on your back or put it on one side to make it more visible to the front.
  • Bun and Knot. This is a great remedy if you are in a hurry but not compromising your pretty looks. Either you have done it messy or well-fixed, most of the people will still see you as a fabulous mom, even if you’re just wearing a plain white tee and a pair of tattered jeans. I must say that this is one of the favorite hairstyles of women nowadays because it is very simple and “doable”. You can just pull your hair up to make a top knot, leave it messy with a bun on one side, or make a clean donut bun at the back that will surely make you a stylish mom ever.
  • Braids. If you want to be more stylish, braids are one of the most elegant ways of styling your long hair. Braided pigtails are most popular especially when you want to wear simple casuals, summer dress, or even denim. You will even look younger with this style and people will find you so cute especially while carrying your newborn baby.
  • Boho (Bohemian) chain braids are also trending today. You may leave your long hair loose and down, then braid some part of your hair crossing from one side of your temple, through your forehead, going to the other side. Chic!
  • Loose. If you are rooting for a “not to care” look, you can still be fabulous by leaving your long hair free, and all the way down as it is with just simple touches. Styling your long loose hair with layers, curly tips, waves or any way you want it will really create a nice appearance.

Short Hair
The type of hair that is considered to be the most convenient and easiest to manage. There are lots of styles to do on a short hair that will make you look sexier and fashionable. You may do bobs, feathered, or fully slicked at the back that will make you look so chic and elegant. When managing your short and curly hair, just put an ample amount of hair serum and just leave it a bit of messy to create a nice texture.
Regaining your energy and beauty regimen after giving birth is very necessary. You may start boosting it by giving yourself a hair makeover. Whether your hair is long or short, there are lots of styles to choose from in order to maintain your fabulous look. Remember, there is no exact rule on how you must look. For as long as you want it and it suits your face, then that would make you beautiful.

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