The haircut has a lot of impact on your overall look and personality. It is the reason why a lot of women are very particular with their hair. They want to make sure their hair is in perfect shape and style at all times. However, not all hairstyle suits your face. Some hairstyles are unflattering. To be safe, you should choose a hairstyle that suits everyone. If you want to find out what these hairstyles are, then keep on reading below.

Blunt long bob (lob) – The blunt long bob is a stylish hairstyle that will definitely suit everyone regardless of the face of the shape, the facial features, or types of hair. It creates a statuesque look because of its ability to elongate the neck. It is perfect for people who have thick hair as well as those who have fine hair. It has the ability to make the hair look thicker than it actually is. You can style the hair in many ways such as parting in the middle, no part look, or side part. Just make sure that when you style your hair, you should apply a shine-boosting serum. It will make your hair glossy and healthy.

Long layered long bob – This hairstyle has a chic and classy vibe. If the shape of your face is in the long or oblong side, you need to add more layers so as to create an illusion of more width. Just make sure that you apply a bodybuilding mouse to keep the hair in place. Apply the mousse while your hair is still damp. This hairstyle will enable you to style your hair in many ways such as parting the hair at the center or move the hair to the side.

Choppy long bob – This hairstyle is characterized by wispy layers. The trick for this hairstyle is that you need to keep the layers long for it to look timely and modern. The choppy long bob is a hairstyle that is perfect for everyone. It flatters all shapes of the face. It is edgy and at the same time has a modern and young. If you are afraid cutting your hair thinking that the cut will not flatter you, then this hairstyle is the ideal choice. Just make sure you apply a hair product that increases the volume of your hair for that extra volume, body, and movement. If you don’t like wearing your hair down, then you can easily style it in a chignon because it is long enough to be tied up.

There are so many hairstyles to choose from and knowing which one flatters your face is a must. Just because a particular hairstyle is famous does not mean you have to wear it too. You need to have a hairstyle that complements your face and personality. Surely, you can never go wrong with a bob hairstyle. There are variations to choose from and the ones mentioned above are the most ideal choices.

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