Not everyone has the height that we wished for, but there are some tricks on how we can look taller especially with our hair. There are several hairstyles which we can use to make us look leggy that even the celebrities are fond of doing it. You may ask your stylist about those hairstyles that would make you look taller and consider that it will give your face a nice fit as well. It is also important that you know how to style your own hair just in case your hairstylist won’t be around.

Creating an illusion using your hair is one of the best ways to make you look colossal. Here are some hairstyles that you may use as a ploy to help you achieve the height that you always wanted:

Ponytail with High Top Knot. For long hair, you can make a high ponytail and create a big chignon on it to add more volume because of its top knot. Just slick the back on its side to make it more fabulous and will definitely give you an instant “taller look”.

Bangs. There will be no more questions when talking about bangs in making you look taller. Aside from the volume, it creates in front, it makes your head a little bit taller because the amount of your face being exposed is just few.

Pixie Hair Cut. This is the best haircut to make you taller, especially if you have a small body frame. People will just focus on the different features of your body which have made elongated by your haircut. But if you have a bigger body frame, please refrain from doing this to avoid you from looking shorter and round.

Shoulder or Chin Length Hair. This kind of hairstyle will give you a taller look because it exposes your neck. All hairstyles that expose the neck will definitely give you an additional centimeter and will make you more elongated with balanced proportions.

Bob. If you have a shorter height and wish to have shorter hair, cutting it bob will give you a taller look, especially when you make its top volumized. Then make sure that the sides are most likely trimmed compare to the middle. Just a handful amount of hair gel, then you are good to go with your taller look.

Layered Long Hair. Whether it is single, multiple, or choppy layers, this hairstyle will absolutely remove your dwarfing effect and will give your hair a different variety, especially when you add highlights on it.


A hairstyle can be a great use to deceive other people about your height. You can create different illusions out of it to make you taller and stylish at the same time. Aside from the women, men can also use their hair to make them look taller. They can simply trim the sides of their and have the most volume or amount of the hair in the middle. With the use of their gel of wax, making spikes through their hair will give them additional centimeters of height. You just have to be more creative and knowledgeable in using your hair to make you look taller.

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