Glam-Bridal-Hair-Accessories_Silver-Crystal-Wedding-Head-bandWhen talking about red carpet, the words that rings a bell are gown and hairstyles. In the 2017 Oscars, there are hairstyles that capture the attention of many people. These hairstyles were flaunted by popular names in the Hollywood. In this article, we will discuss the hairstyles that successfully made it in the red carpet. These are the following:

Sleek low ponytail

This hairstyle is sported by no other than the beauty queen herself, Olivia Culpo. She was a head turner in the last Oscars not only because of her undeniable beauty, but because of her beautiful sleek hair. Her hair looks healthy and even more beautiful as she added a black velvet ribbon on it. The ponytail holder was used to secure the ponytail, but to conceal the tie, she added a velvet ribbon, which is actually a great way to make a classic low ponytail a different twist. For the hair to be super smooth, it was styled using a flat iron. A heat protectant spray was used to protect the hair from thermal heat. Iron the hair starting from the roots to the ends.

Pixie cut

A pixie cut hairstyle is truly a head turner in the last Oscars. Janelle Monae showcased her pixie cut hairstyle and gave it a twist by adding a crystal crown. It softens her entire look. As you know, a pixie cut hairstyle depicts a strong personality. For special occasions, you can soften your look by simply adding something that make you look demure. Janelle has done a great job when shed added a crystal crown.

Braided low bun

A braided low bun is a hairstyle worn by any on a day to day basis. To give it a red carpet worthy look, add a sparkly comb on the side for a final touch. This is what Sofia Carson worn on the Oscars and she was truly stunning.

Blonde waves

Blonde waves are common in the United States. The only difference is how well you carry your hairstyle. Karlie Kloss has done a great job sporting this look. She flaunted her blonde waves with side bangs. She really look like a true supermodel in the last Oscars.

Tousled bob

The voluminous tousled bob of Taraji Henson made her one of the good looking ladies in the last red carpet. She has a brushed out curls that even made her tousled bob stunning.

Half up do

If you don’t feel like going too glamorous with your hairstyle, then a classic half up do is all you need. Dakota Johnson was spotted in the red carpet sporting the half up do hairstyle. She truly looks amazing. The flyways were tamed to give her a smooth shiny finish.

Hairstyles say a lot about your personality. So, when planning to attend a special event, make sure you wow other people with your hairstyle. You don’t necessarily need to go big. Just wear a hairstyle that showcases your best physical features and personality.

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