For the past seasons, it was evident that simple hairstyles with bold accessories are really vying for attention and successfully trending now on the runway. Whether it is a show for casual, formal, or even couture, these hairstyles are really admirable and du jour. The 90s inspired hairstyles are also back on the runway after seeing some of the fall fashion shows recently. Headbands and barrettes are leading the way as the designers presented their contemporary collections to most of the fashion capital cities in the world lately. Here are some of the most trendy hairstyles being used on the runway by our stylists, not just to make our models stand-out but will also match their looks to the fashionable clothes:


One of the timeless hairdo to most of the runway shows is the Undone Updo. Nowadays, there are lots of way and techniques to make it more sophisticated. Although it is known to be messy, you can deny the fact that this hairstyle is really classy and elegant whatever season of outfit you are going to wear. In the runway, the model can easily express their beauty through this hairstyle and will definitely go with any collection they are going to wear, especially if they add some embellishments on it like crystal clips, flower crowns, and even decorated twigs or branches for the couture collections.


You cannot go wrong with such smooth and shiny style as sleek, either you have long or short hair. Simple but will definitely take your look to a different dimension, in a fabulous way. “Let it flow” and “let it loose” to create a more dramatic look as you walk down the runway, as they say. And do not forget to put hair serum or hairspray to make it glossier and its strands will be straighter. They say it looked understated, yet so elegant and refined particularly those with flyaway tips using boar bristle brushes.


This hairstyle has been trendy and never gone away to almost all fashion shows. Easy to do and create hairstyles like flowing it freely will really put great remarks on and off the runway. The more you do it messier, the sexier it will become for the outfit and of course, to the model.


The 90s is back! It is totally bringing us up to the memory lane but with a touch of modern and more sophisticated glam. Almost all fashion shows recently were being populated with different characteristics of 90s hairstyle, with its famous accessories like thin or thick headbands, claw clips, and barrettes.

The runway is the hard court and rink in fashion, especially for the designers and models who were being looked-up by the fashion enthusiasts and celebrities. Aside from the trendy and latest styles of outfit, people are also excited to the look of the models because they will also depend if it compliments to the wardrobe. The hairstyle is one of the considerations they are looking to the model so that they would also know the newest looks to be wear or made for their hair.

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