Many women are runway fans because they turn to it when it comes to fashion inspiration. As we all know, for women, the hair is the crowning glory. They make sure that they are up to date with the current hairstyles. Runway hairstyles are modern hairstyles and are characterized by their creativity and at the same time simplicity. You can see hairstyles in the runway with simple design elements. You can also notice a play in hair color. Just like the season, hairstyles that are popular in the runway come and go. They change with the changing of the season.

This year, the hairstyles that are trendy in the runway include the following:

Big Tease – A bad girl hair is mostly seen in the runway today. A big tease is a retro hairstyle but it keeps coming back. If you want to achieve a big tease, then you need to use the right hair styling products. Make sure that your hair has a lot of texture before even teasing it. Use the right hairspray to keep the hair lock in place. This hairstyle is perfect for women with thick hair strand. If you have a fine hair, then this hairstyle might not suit you

Messy bun – This is one of the favorite runway hairstyles. A messy bun has gone a long way; from a hairstyle when doing household chores to a hairstyle when walking down the runway. To give your messy bun an edgy look, you should not only use the right hair styling products but also the right hairstyling accessories.

Ponytails – This is another runway favorite. Who would have thought that a day to day hairstyle can make it in the runway? When styling the hair in a ponytail, try to cut soft pieces around the face for that little romance feel. Stay away from the stiff ponytail. Leave a few hairs around the ears for that feminine look.

Smooth waves – For a romantic feel, smooth waves are the hairstyles to go to. You can find this hairstyle in a runway that features bridal wear. If you want to achieve the same hairstyle, make sure you use the right priming products such as a shine spray. Apply it before curling the hair so that you can achieve a sleek wave. For best result, you should use a wide-barrelled curling iron.

Slicked back ponytail – This is a simple yet glamorous hairstyle. It is not only popular in the runway but also in Hollywood. In fact, you can see a lot of Hollywood celebrities sporting this hairstyle. For a smooth finish, you should apply a hair mousse.

There are a lot of hairstyle inspirations in the runway. It is okay to copy them but you have to make sure they suit you well. Assess the general condition of your hair before even planning to style your hair. if you have a sensitive hair, then stay away from hairstyles that require using strong styling products, especially the one that uses heat.

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