Will a nerdy and haggard office girl turn herself into a dazzling “Valentina” in a snap after a hard day of work? Oh gorgeous, YES. There are lots of magical touches that you can do to make a weeknight date possibly wonderful for yourself. Makeup and outfits are very easy to decide with because it is something that you always do and have to make you more fabulous on your date.

Now, let us talk about your hairstyle. From your workplace, you would probably don’t have much time to go home and fix yourself for a date right after work, and the only way to make this possible is to change and have yourself prepared in front of your office restroom’s mirror. Some of your officemates can help you, but if you want to make it more private, then do it yourself. But how would you make a girl from an overtime working hours to a royal-like lady with just a wink? Here are some of the hairstyles that would definitely bring out the goddess look in you from a messy work hair day to a fancy date that will make every eye to shout WOW:

Fishtail braid – Start sawing your hair with using fingers and bring out that beautifully messy long hair braided then set it to one side with a tiny loose tip to make it looks like the tail of the fish. This style may be simple but it will carry out the gorgeousness of your face the entire night.

Top Knot – Roll it, put it high, and done. One of the easiest ways to perfection is the top knot. It will surely make way for your gorgeous face and will throw you unstoppable praise from your date. As easy as one, two, three, and then you will definitely give the night a nice kick because of your classy look.

Sleek and straight – Who is not going to settle for this hairstyle? One of the simplest hairstyles but really complimenting to almost all outfit and not to mention, its elegance is irresistible. So grab a handful amount of your hair serum then start to fill your hair from the top, all the way down to the tip.

Long Loose Waves – A little coil and a bit fussy – that is how you make a perfect wave for an elegant cause. Just leave it all down after making a few curls from the middle to tip then separate the stands of your hair with your fingers, then you are good to go.

Curly Tips with Big Bobby Pins – This goes put to the ladies who have shorter hair like shoulder length, that will absolutely give them a nice hair texture with a twist of stylish big bobby pins on one side about three or four pieces of it. You may put a small amount of hairstyling gel on your fingers then start applying it from the middle part of your hair down to the tip. Now make a spiral out of your hair and wrap it to your index finger, release it, and separate the strands using your fingers to make it more dramatic.

Coiffure – A well-polished coif can really make your boy-cut short hair a great sparkle throughout your date night. Just get an ample amount of your hair polish serum on your palm then give your hair a nice and neat fix all over.

You can simply wow your date with your classy and elegant hairstyle, whatever length your crowning glory will be. Outfit won’t be a problem in this case because if the one you are wearing from work can carry a date, then you are good to go. But for more elegant and fancy one, you could just carry your dress along then leave it in your car until your work is done then you may change in the restroom of your office like a cowgirl

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