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Scarf Time for Fun Time and Play Time for Mom & Honor

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Jessica+Alba+Playing+Honor+Coldwater+Park+0l1TDvN68dsl A lovely and heartwarming scene was once witnessed at Beverly Hills’s Cold Water Park. Actress Jessica Alba was with daughter Honor for some fun and play time, a special bonding moment between mom and daughter. Saturdays must be special for Honor if the afternoons are spent with celebrity mom like Jessica Alba who remained to be as attractive and true to fashion by wearing a bandana during the said special mom and daughter moment.

There must still be a little girl in Jessica who admitted to have a soft spot for Spongebob Squarepants who she describes to be as goofy like her. She also intimated that there was a time when she thought the Hollywood movie industry must have some kind of second class citizen treatment for Latinas like her as she was often asked to play the role of some kind of Maria who mingles with white kids. She found it odd because she was born in the United States. Alba also mentioned that her grandfather never spoke to them in Spanish, trying to shy away from their Mexican roots if only to be treated fairly in America, especially his children and grandchildren, Jessica included. Alba now feels she has finally cut loose. (more…)

Gwen Stefani’s Ponytails and Gloved Jones Beach Concert

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

gwengloves2ob1 I am seeing more and more men and women jumping in on the fashion bandwagon of wearing gloves. What used to be worn to keep fingers warm during cold, snowy days or to protect hands while doing several tasks such as gardening or carpentry, gloves has evolved into the fashion world. There was a time that not many were into wearing gloves but today, celebrities and singers like Gwen Stefani wear all kinds of gloves but more especially those made of leather.

The singer must have had gloves listed as part of her whole concert wardrobe as she was photographed in not just only one pair. She also donned a short white pair in one of her numbers in this Jones Bridge, Atlantic City tour although this black pair seemed to be the favorite. (more…)

Grow Hair Despite Stress

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

a2dc58905fa0c106_hair-growth.previewHair loss is irreparable said many who have suffered it and were unable to do anything about it. Even if you are blessed with a blood line that does not have hair loss problems, you may still encounter issues on how to make your hair grow faster when stress starts taking control and you see more and more hair falling.

If you can address the issue as early as possible, hair loss is not exactly irreversible. Among the many factors that cause hair fall, stress is probably one of the most that people find difficult handling. Truth is, fast hair growth can still happen despite stress.

Loss of hair due to stress is categorized as non-scarring alopecia. Because stress is often linked to hair loss, it has been classified in 3 ways:

–          Non-scarring alopecia areata

It is a stress condition where white blood cells attack the hair follicles causing the hair to fall out.


–          Telogen effluvium

Severe stress forces the hair to go into its resting phase so that when you wash or brush your hair, they suddenly fall out.


–          Trichotillomania

This is a condition where the person suffering from severe stress pulls out his or her own hair.

How to get fast hair growth when you observe yourself experiencing any of these is to immediately see your doctor. You may need to get some treatment depending on how severely you suffer from stress and your doctor can help assess this. Your doctor may advise you to take some hair growth vitamins and give you some techniques on how you can handle your stress to stop your hair from falling and instead grow it back.

There may be some topical treatments that can give you fast hair growth such as rosemary, peppermint and sage. If you know that the reason for your hair fall is stress, learn to handle it well before it gets any worse.

Feather Headbands for Every Style, Beauty & Fashion

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

il_570xN_221779438There are numerous present day hair accessories that accessible in the business today and they change fit as a fiddle, shade or size. Among the extremely prevalent ones these days are feathers extras, for example, feather accessories such as feather clips or feather headbands. These stylish hair extras are suitable for both unique occasions and for customary events. They might likewise be worn for work, for play or actually for a sentimental night out.




Girls Hair Clips to Festoon Your Girl’s Mane With

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Girl-with-clips_Kids_Hair Even little girls love to be fashionable and they enjoy trying out different styles being young as they are. Their hair style is something they enjoy having fun with too and they love adorning their hair with pretty and attractive girls hair clips too!
Make your little girls feel like a princess by making them look classy, sassy and pretty by adding a little extra something to their look. Choosing the right girls hair clips to match your little princesses’ outfit will just do the trick.


No Bad Hair Days

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

60stut3 Back in the past times, overseeing and styling your hair alone is a testing errand. It obliges aptitudes and loads of hair adornments simply to accomplish the look you need. Nonetheless, today is a totally distinctive story – on account of the production of diverse clasps or horse holders outlined for entertainment only ways and colors yet extremely utilitarian in keeping hair flawless and clean. Donning even the least difficult sort of haircut might be made exquisite when beautified with these hair adornments.


While you need to keep up a long, glossy mane, your hair can act as a burden while doing your regular undertakings whether at home or in the workplace. (more…)

Chaponnes to End your Fashion Worries

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Womens_Woven_Bea_4f5fe64192c5(RF1401741837) Discover how you could sizzle up and light up your style articulation with an incredible gathering of Chaponnes.

Can you envision what number of sorts of hair extras are there? Endless, there are innumerable of hair frill out available today. From headbands, headscarves, caps, pig tails to sticks and cuts. With this wide determination of adornments, you will never use up thoughts on the most proficient method to think of an alternate look each one time.

One embellishment that is never difficult to make style with are chaponnes or beanie tops. It is a head embracing generally brimless top suitable for the winter seasons. These days, it is not just used to shield your head from the frosty climate and keep you warm and cozy however worn as a design articulation also.


Stylish Baby Accessories for Your Cutest Babies

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

cheap-clothes-for-kids Other than being naturally cute and cuddly, what makes your little baby look more adorable are the different looks you can create on them. This is possible of course with different hair covers made to make them bundle of joys look like tiny fashionistas. It does not matter if your baby has lots of hair or not, with the right baby hair accessory, they can be a sure winner!

Even babies with the finest or shortest hair deserve to look their best using baby hair accessories especially made for them. A tiny ribbon or a dainty pink or baby blue bonnet made of soft, cottony material for comfort can make a tiny little princess look even cuter.

A baby boy on the other hand need not fret because he too can be make to look the hippest and the coolest with a light colored bandana which may also be worn by a baby girl. With the right color and design, a bandana can be done in many different styles to match a baby cloth and you are sure to be a sight to behold in your walk in the park. (more…)

Hair Fashion Guide on the Jaw Clip

Friday, June 6th, 2014

IMGP6534 (800x679)

Human hair comes in shifted shades, surface, thickness (or slenderness so far as that is concerned), length and style. Some are short, some are long, others are wavy and some are straight. Anyhow whatever sort of hair you have, there is one thing that is certain as the sun in the morning. You style it all the time. That said, aren’t you happy that hair extras likewise come in such a variety of styles and capacity that whatever your temperament for hair styling, there is one hair enhancement you can utilization.

Some hair extras are incredible at securing your hair and keep it set up on the off chance that you will be going on a trek riding a top down auto, for example. There is additionally a hair frill that acts as a defender in the event that you’d jump at the chance to take a dunk in the pool and you don’t need chlorine to destroy your hair. Hairs groups then again are useful for liberating your temple of the periphery that you need just on specific events. However there is one extremely flexible hair extra that is an untouched top pick, the jaw clip.


Hair Style : Snoods

Friday, June 6th, 2014

5In the past snoods were simply well… snoods. Not a lot to them simply used to serve their motivation of keeping hair in one spot at the back, that is it. Anyhow today, you may be astonished to figure out that snoods have likewise advanced to have enormous influence in hair manner embellishments. Snood scarves for instance are an extremely appealing approach to tying up your hair perfect and demure at the back yet with a touch of allure. (more…)

Look Truly Charming With Flower Clips

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

il_340x270.456983137_qwo5Red, pink, blue, violet, orange, lime or diverse shaded specks are the mystique you will discover in flower clips that you can use to beautify your child’s really little head. Flowers are unquestionably alluring that is the reason numerous individuals are pulled in by them. A lot of people are into the propensity of planting blooms or purchasing them all the time on the grounds that they are basically overwhelming. (more…)

80s Groove with Some Fancy Banana Clips

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

download (4)

The 1980s was best known as the decade that saw the conception of the current Internet, Pac-Man and Super Mario Brothers, and Mtvs (with Madonna and Michael Jackson heading the way). In design world, it was the time of Ray-Ban Aviators and Wayfarers, ‘Enormous hairdo’, and the re-rising pattern of wearing chic banana barrette.

This in vogue hair frill got its name from its banana-like shape that permits the wearer to effortlessly draw back hair from both sides into the center. The result is a streaming mane that is like the hair running along the once again of a horse (or an unicorn, in the event that you should), which is honestly adorable and smart! (more…)

Instant Make-over from Bad Hair Day

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Hair-Claws-hair-accessories-clickonTrendsAny young lady beyond any doubt realizes what it is similar to have a messy hair day and much as they abhor it, it does happen. When it does, you have a craving for covering all your arrangements of running however with the right hair adornment, you can even now make the most out of your untidy head.

Here are a couple of recommendations:


Alluring yet so natural to wear, headbands are your least expensive route to a moment hair makeover. Any troublesome hair day could be in a flash changed to a fascination that is as simple as 1-2-3! The fun thing about headbands is that you can play with diverse colors, examples and make for a popular blend and match with your outfit.

Attempt twofold headbands too for that advanced girly look on your date with companions. It will assist make that required volume to thin hair without the particular readiness.


Uniqueness for Turban Wrapping

Friday, May 30th, 2014

maxresdefault A headwear that is composed of a large, long cloth and winded on the head in a fashionable manner – that is a turban. The way one has to master the art of tying it is what gives it a unique attraction. It started as a customary headwear mostly in men from the Arabian Peninsula, some parts of Africa and Southeast Asia but how now evolved as a fashion accessory worn by both men and women.

It used to be a common headwear among Sikhs and nobility and used in religious events by Muslims. Nowadays however, you’d see turban as a head wrap for fashionable women and as well as women who suffer from hair fall due to chemotherapy.

Turban is an attractive hair accessory and learning the basic technique of tying it can be easy. These tips will help you become an expert turban wrapper in no time.

  • To keep hair tendrils from peeping beneath the famous hair accessory, make sure to first set a cap to your head in a secure manner. Place the turban’s strip across the top of your head, leaving about 7 to 9 inches hanging by the neck, the rest, before your face.
  • Place the palm of one hand on top of your head to make sure the fabric does not move before you start to wrap. With the other hand, pull the front part of the fabric over to the right side, pulling tightly as you go around your head.  Repeat the process to make a second wrap, this time wrapping slightly lower to make the right side look lower than the left side.


What to Do When Mercury Rises and You Want to Get your Hair Out of the Way?

Monday, May 5th, 2014

10255366_1527438644150330_162576058076354688_nHair – the simple crowning glory for some, but for others, it goes beyond that. For women, in particular, they can’t live without styling it in order to make them look more attractive. However, when mercury rises, everyone tries to find a way to get hair out of the way, off the face and neck specifically. Why? Because it feels really uncomfortable especially when you are under the sun, doing some outdoor activities. So, what to do then when mercury rises and you want your hair out of the way?

Well, you can find yourself the perfect summer updo hairstyles that will match your hair type, face, shape, and of course your outfit. Some suggestions that you can consider include the undone bun, the textured coif, the ballerina bun, the side braid, and the ponytail. (more…)

A standout amongst the Most Fashionable Hair Covers – Berets

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

BeretsWith such a variety of conceivable outcomes regarding staying in design, likely a standout amongst the most settled on is the cap. Around the diverse sorts of hats accessible, for example, tops, snoods, head scarves, turban, and a lot of people more, ladies’ berets have a place with the most elegant alternatives.


Obviously we all realize that a beret is that extraordinarily formed cap in which a lady can keep her hair tucked inside for that cool slick look or basically let her hair down with the beret set on top of her head as a design extra. In vogue in their one of a kind round shape, they come in diverse colors and fabric however serves a solitary reason: as a hair blanket that is trendy in the meantime. Subsequently numerous ladies are aficionados of this basic yet tasteful hair adornment.


Toddlers Need Hair Accessories Too

Friday, April 18th, 2014

images (1)Whether toddlers have little, long, curly, short or no hair at all, they too need hair accessories. Don’t raise those eyebrows because it is true! Imagine a cute baby girl who is often mistaken for a boy just because she happens to be wearing a denim overalls and she has very little hair. Would she there still be a case of mistaken gender if she was wearing a cute but dainty head band with a pink flower attached to it? Yes, exactly…that is one of the many reasons why they need those pieces of hair fashion trinkets.


When you let your toddler use a practical piece of soft, cloth head band for instance, you help ease the child’s irritation over some unruly wisps of hair that keep getting into her eyes. However, even if it can be so much fun making them wear different colors of barrettes, hair clips, hair pins, etc keep in mind that they must be safe for them.


Fashionable Hair Accessories for Curly Hair

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

image2_hair accessoriesNatural or synthetic curls are sometimes hard to manage. Wearing it loose all the time can be messy and can get in the way of you doing something, particularly when important tasks need to be finished. Here is where accessories come in, to handle too much body from your curly hair.

The quickest way to cover part if not most of your curly hair is with the use of head wraps. Simple cloth will do but you could be more fashionable by choosing designs that would fit the color of your dress and your skin tone. Head wraps can be done by simply turning it around the part of your hair you want to cover. You can be more creative by trying different knots or make ribbons in the end. (more…)

Simple Hair Style Made Elegant by Accessories

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

image 1The type of hairstyle to wear when going to simple get-togethers or coat-and-tie bashes can be challenging. Much more so if you’re a clear cut simple woman. Uncomplicated hair styles can do wonders and the right accessories will probably add to the trick.

Tying your hair without any pins is not only the simplest way to style your hair but also the quickest one. Problem is, you’re not giving your hair justice and the chance of your hair becoming loose or untangled is very high. Nobody likes a messy hair during parties, anyway. (more…)

Visibly Fashionable Bobby Pins

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

hair-accessories-pinAt some point of time, barretes are just a hidden secret of all ladies. It has been a mystery for their hair glamour. But as traditional hair fashion came into transformation, various hair accesories came to be known. From all those metal clips into colorful designs of floral pins.

Though a lot of more fascinating designs of pins have emerged, the simple booby pins still creates a new outlook for hair style. Having it visible is takes another sense of fashion.


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