Why do you cover?

What are you doing here?

By which I mean, what brings you to a website and a blog about hair covering?

Last year, Coveryourhair.com polled Facebook fans, asking why they wear headcoverings.  The results: 18% of responders said that they love to look good, 79% cover their head/hair for religious reasons, and 4% aren’t sure.  No one involved in the poll answered that they cover for medical reasons, but it was a possibility.

Lots of people know that Muslim women have religious reasons to cover their hair; fewer people may realize that married Orthodox Jewish women cover too, albeit in a different style.  As a matter of fact, some Christian and pagan women dotoo – so it’s not surprising that so many responders cited religion as their main motivation.  In the Sikh religion, men are required to cover their hair as well as women.  In addition, some people never cut their hair, because of religious beliefs.

The official medical term for hair loss is alopecia; most people think of it as a result of chemotherapy treatment for cancer, but there are several other medical reasons for either temporary or permanent hair loss.  Try to relax – major life stress can cause it!

Other reasons to wear a headcovering?

  • To keep warm
  • To shade your face from the sun
  • To keep hair from getting windblown, or in the way
  • As part of a uniform – ie: police officers
  • Ever picked a hair out of your food? Ick!

What else can you think of?

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