Once upon a time, scarves were a winter accessory, good for keeping your neck warm and showing off your knitting skills.  But for a long time now, scarves have been a year-round fashion, and it’s time for those of us who are afraid of looking stupid to catch up on the best ways to wear them.  They’re everywhere in the stores (and online!) so you should have no trouble finding some soft, light fabrics in colors and prints that you love.  Start with that: if you have an awesome scarf, you’ll be motivated to find a way to show it off!

Scarves are awesome, as accessories go, because they’re so versatile.  Unlike most hats or necklaces or belts, there are so many different ways to use just one item: you get more wardrobe bang for your buck!  They also go with any kind of clothing, from jeans and a t-shirt to your prettiest party dress; scarves are about creating contrast, adding some flavor to an otherwise straightforward outfit.

A lot of the best ways to tie a fashion scarf are the same no matter what the season.  The trick to keeping your style fresh and seasonally-appropriate is in fabrics and colors (although if you work in an over-air-conditioned office, I don’t blame your for picking a pastel pashmina).  Hit the mall for something gauzy, sheer, or silky in cotton, linen, or silk.  Look for color-block or mod floral patterns, and bright fruity colors to keep up with some of this year’s overall trends.  But then again, if you see something you love, go for it, even if it doesn’t seem cutting-edge.  How you wear it (and I don’t just mean the way it’s tied!) is the biggest fashion statement of all.

Here are a couple of vidoes that show a variety of ways to loop, twist, and knot scarves that can easily be adapted to your spring and summer wardrobe.

  • The first vid here shows a smart way to fold a square scarf into a rectangle, which allows you to do a wider variety of styles with just one piece: if you have a huge stash of Israeli tichels that need some lovin’, check this out first!  These are smart, non-bulky ties that won’t make you feel overheated or overwhelmed.
  • Thought there were only 2 or 3 ways to do it, and you’ve tried them all?  Here are 25 unique methods shown clearly and simply, in just four an a half minutes.  I especially like the second to last one, which is a great way to use the flower pins or brooches lying in an unused heap on top of your dresser – as well as those poor neglected stash scarves.
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