Royal Wedding HatsOk, I know we just did a blog post of crazy runway styles, but I can’t let a British royal wedding go by without pointing out some of the real screamers.  For Americans, the wedding-hat thing is pretty strange because it’s not the fashion in the US.  The idea of wearing one at all comes from the fact that until relatively recently, weddings pretty much always took place in churches, and people were expected to cover their heads in church.  Even though some churches have more relaxed rules now, and people are getting married in other venues, the connection between hats and weddings still lingers.  It remains to be seen whether all the hoopla will inspire a wedding hat trend outside the UK.

It seems as though a lot of women used to the opportunity to go nuts – and maybe draw a little media attention of their own.  Ten seconds of fame, I guess!  But at the end of the day, I don’t think anyone could possibly have overshadowed the bride.  Kate was stunning in a Cartier diamond tiara (made in 1936), lent to her by the Queen.  I wonder how soon replicas will be on the market?

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