So, I hit my favorite good-weather outdoors event (I’ve mentioned it before) this past weekend, and it was fabulous.  The awesome thing about Renaissance Faires is that you can wear the wildest, wackiest outfits – or at least ogle people in them – and it’s totally ok.  You don’t have to be authentic, although people are more impressed when you are.  It’s the one chance a lot of people get to indulge in their romantic, old-fashioned, Gothic, Celtic, or witchy sides.  You can be anyone you feel like dressing as!

Of course, I made sure to inspect every clothing, jewelry, and (duh) hat shop or vendor that I passed.  Here’s a rundown of the most popular headgear styles you can get and wear at a Renaissance Faire.  They make excellent costumes for the rest of the year, and if you’re feeling adventurous, totally put one on and hit the mall.

  • The muffin cap: Remember cauls?  The Elizabethan version of the snood?  Well, that’s popularly sold as a “muffin cap” at faires.  You can get them in cotton, wool, velvet, decorated with feathers and ribbon and embroidery.  Although there ar plenty of hand-crocheted snoods for sale as well!
  • The Tudor flat cap: Comes in the same material options as the muffin cap, but looks best with a dashingly drooping feather, or a brooch with your family coat of arms.
  • Jester caps: You know what I mean – colorful, with lots of pointy pieces, and bells at the ends?  These are really cute on little kids.
  • Hair sticks: You can make amazing, elegant hairstyles with just a couple of pointy things.  Check out youtube for tutorials.  I don’t know how period they are, but they’re pretty cool!
  • Hair braiding: This is as much fun to watch as it is to have done.  Check out the gallery below for some incredible examples!

Other cool things I saw included a hand-made suede tie-back that I really wish I could afford, fancy velvet witch hats, a la Professor MacGonagall in Harry Potter, and beautiful flower wreaths.

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