Back in the day, when unusual furs, feathers, and other exotic animal decor were precious commodities, having a tiger-skin rug or an eagle-feather headdress were major status symbols.  If you had the skill or the money necessary to acquire them, then you got respect to go with it.  Nature has given us some of the most beautiful and interesting colors and patterns, which we borrow in order to beautify ourselves and our surroundings.  Fortunately, you don’t have to be a hunter to use the natural world for inspiration anymore.

The most popular animal prints are truly striking; leopard spots, zebra stripes, peacock feathers.  Tigers, cows, giraffes, snakes and more have lent their colors and patterns to apparel and accessories.  We have tiger-striped hair clips, leopard-spotted headbands, and zebra-pattern bandanas and daisy clips.  Not to mention a colorful array of animal-print tichels!

You know how some companies out-do themselves coming up with creative color names?  My favorite out of the Crayola box was always Vivid Tangerine.  If I were going to make a special box of crayons (or a line of t-shirts or tichels or cushions or something), I’d go with these animal-inspired shades.

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