romantic-wedding-hairstyles-ideas-68264-500x313A wedding is one of the most special events in a person’s life. As a woman, you would want to make sure that you will look at your best in your big day. If you have long hair, styling it is not a big deal. You will have plenty of styling options. The same thing goes for medium-length hair. Now, if you have a short hair, things can be pretty challenging. You rarely see brides with short hair but it does not mean you can’t be stunningly beautiful on your big day.

As hairstyling evolves, women with short hair now have more options in styling their hair on their big day. Most of these hairstyles can be easily achieved right in the comfort of your own home. Just make sure that the style you choose matches your wedding theme, especially your dress and the structure of your face. To avoid horrible mistakes, you have to do dress as well as hair and makeup rehearsal. That way, you will have a view of your wedding day look. You will notice what areas need to be improved and what area needs to focus on.

Recommended wedding hairstyles for women with short hair

Bob –you can never go wrong with a bob hairstyle. Don’t you know that a bride with a bob hairstyle represents purity and sophistication? It is a classic yet lovely look. It can instantly alleviate your appearance. You can add a few hair accessories but make sure that they are not overwhelming. Your hairstyle alone is a stunner.

Chignon – Got short hair? Don’t worry! You can still remain fashionable. A chignon hairstyle is perfect for you. For a more glamour effect, you can add silver, gold, and any sparkling hair accessories. If you have a high forehead, then you definitely need to style your hair in chignon. If you want to further enhance your look, you might want to consider adding a tiara. Again, nothing too fancy. Just keep everything in the modest side.

Pixie hairstyle –The pixie style is a variation of a bob hairstyle. It is modern and at the same time chic hairstyle. This is perfect for modern bride. If you want to make it a bit classic, you can add veil and other classic hair accessories.

Just because you have short hair does not necessarily mean that you will not look stunning on your big days. Gone are the days when you need to put hair extension just to lengthen your hair. With a short hairstyle, you can still rock on your wedding day.  The point here is you need to have a hairstyle that matches not just your wedding theme but your facial features and personality too. Your physical appearance should be the window to your soul. Try on various hairstyles before the wedding to check as to what hairstyle will suit you the best. Do not be afraid to ask help from experts, especially hair and makeup stylists.

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