The Latest Spring Styles

Now that spring is here, you might be ready to burn your winter clothes – or at least pack them away.  But considering the chilly rainstorm that blew through my area the other day, it might not be time to break out the flip-flops quite yet.  Here are a few ways to get some spring style into your wardrobe, even if it’s not as warm as you hoped it would be.

According to InStyle magazine, bold belts are a spring trend – they recommend wrapping a bright one around a light colored dress. Try our Red Patent Leather Alligator belt over a khaki shirtdress.

Glamour suggests using belts to make your winter and summer clothing fit the season; adding a spring-y belt (such as our Military Pink and White Stripe belt) to a dark winter dress, or, if you can’t stand to hold off on your summer clothes one minute more, pair something dark and structured (maybe a Black Satin Elegant belt) with a summer sundress and some serious shoes for an office-ready look – since vacation is still a couple of months away.

Elle, on the other hand, seems to think that hats and headbands are your best bet this season; try something thin with a flower, feather, or jeweled accent to get some of the headband looks they highlight.  Our Adorable Thin Flower, Beaded-Stoned Applique, or Feather headbands are all great options for anyone who’s trying to look up-to-date.  Although I’m not sure that anyone other than the Statue of Liberty, or a vicious bulldog, can pull off this particularly unusual style that Elle suggests.

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