If you think that hair rollers are outdated and that they are no longer used for hair curling, think again because you got it all wrong. Rollers may take some kind of hiatus every now and then but they always manage to make a good comeback any given time being the most practical and convenient way to style hair. Yes, a hot iron is there but abuse its use and your hair is sure to suffer.

There are different ways to achieve curls using rollers and if you prefer a longer lasting and more defined curl, use rollers on damp hair. For softer effect, use on dry (without using curling gels) hair.

Larger Rollers

Ever wondered how some celebrities get that soft, flowing curls on a TV appearance today when yesterday, it was all straight hair for them? That’s the magic creation you can achieve with larger rollers.

Big rollers are used by hairstylists to give your hair the volume you need. In case you want to do it on your own, here’s how:

–     Start at the top of your head. You will need about 4 rollers. Get a small section of hair, longer but not wider than the roller. As you roll the first section downward, pull slightly forward. Do the same for the remaining top part of your head using all 4 rollers.

–          For the side sections, to achieve beautiful waves, do not place the rollers horizontally. Roll in vertical manner, away from the face.

–          In case your rollers go form large to medium to small, work from largest (at the front) to the smallest (at the back or bottom).

–          Finger style roller-curled hair a few minutes after removing rollers.

Smaller Rollers

For occasions where you need to put your hair up for a more formal hairdo, smaller rollers are preferable.

–          Use rollers on damp hair or you may use heated rollers for the purpose.

–          Roll curlers in small sections of the hair in horizontal fashion, spread out all over your head.

–          Once set, remove rollers gently. For heated rollers, allow them to cool first. Then style by either teasing or clipping some sections with hair pins depending on your preference.

You see why rollers continue to be a valuable tool to any hairstylist both pro and non-pro? They make effective temporary curls that result to stunning hairdos. You may not be able to do it right the very first time you try using them but sooner than you think, you’d be curling hair like a pro.

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