Winter HatIt suddenly got chilly where I live, so I’m getting serious about what to wear this winter.  In case you haven’t been paying attention to the fashion mags either, I am here to update you on what’s hot – and warm – this season.

Fur – real or faux – has made a comeback, in the form of purses, hats, and shoes.  Whether it’s the whole garment, or just trim, fur will be keeping a lot of people cozy this year.

The coolest new way to coordinate an outfit is for everything to be the same color, or color family.  A rose-colored shirt with a burgundy skirt, for example.  Now you have a great excuse to stock up on solid-colored tichels and hats for the winter!  If you’re looking for the single-hottest color, go for the gold – metallica has been all over the runways.

Speaking of metallica, hardware is another major trend this season; handbag closures, big jewelry – and hair accessories.  Look for zippered or studded headbands, belts with metal eyelets and studs, and shoes with big buckles.
Here’s one last thing that will make a lot of you smile.  Both Elle and report that long flowy skirts – to the calf and ankle – are big features in a lot of the designer lines for this season.  And you can wear them with comfy kitten heels or flat boots, and still look like you’re at the peak of fashion.

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