black fedora hatMen and women alike love wearing hats; they do this for several purposes—one is to keep their head warm, two is to protect their hair, and three is to look more fashionable. Yes, hats do make great fashion statements too! That’s why, over the years, these hair accessories have become more popular than other types of hair coverings. So, what are some of the options available for you?

Fedora hats

Originally worn by men with their suits as part of their business uniform in the 1950s, these hats have evolved to become one of the most sought-after wholesale hats today. Designed with narrow, all around brims, fedoras are typically worn as stylish accent to ones casual clothing like sweatshirts, blazers, and corduroys. But if in the past men only wore these, today, these are very popular among women too. Fedora hats for women are often made with softer materials and come in feminine colors like purple and pink.

Baseball caps

Who said baseball caps are just for playing baseball? Because whoever that was didn’t know that these wholesale caps are used for fashion too. That’s right, baseball caps are some of the most popular fashion hats today as they flatter just about any type of face and are very effective at protecting the hair and eyes from the damaging UV rays when worn outdoors. Just like the fedora hats, they come in several styles and colors too to mix and match with different types of clothing. But for women, those with adjustable back with a small space where a ponytail can be pulled through are preferred.

Cabbie hats

Designed to add a stylish touch to any type of clothing, cabbie hats are slouchy type of hats that are made with small, low brim. These are very popular among women since they can easily tuck their hair underneath them to prevent a bad hair day.

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