Round face Hairstyles 2013 eHairstyle trends change with the changing of the season. If you want to keep up with the trend, then this article is for you. Today, we will discuss hairstyles that are truly fashionable and easy to maintain. They are the following:

Texturized bob – This hairstyle looks perfect to both tall and short ladies. This haircut needs a little maintenance. It’s like having an “I woke up like this” look. When styling at home, you should spray a texturing spray. Celebrities known for their texturized bob hairstyle are Emma Watson and Adele.

Shag – This hairstyle is perfect for women who are young at heart. It is characterized by long fringe with medium layers around the face. This needs maintenance though. Make sure that it is long enough so that you can style the hair in a ponytail whenever you want to. When styling at home, make sure your hair is dry and spray texturizing spray starting from the mid-shaft to the ends. This helps give your hair strands a bit of grit. Celebrities famous for shag hairstyles are Taylor Swift and Alexa Chung.

Petite-Coif – This is characterized by short hair with a pixie cut variation. The hair is short in the perimeter of the face and the length varies throughout the top. When styling such particular hairstyle at home, the gel is your best friend. Your goal is to create a wet and sleek hairstyle. So, put a bit of a gel and comb your hair to your desired direction. You can simply tousle your hair using your hands. Blow dry your hair into your desired shape.

Full Fringe – you can never go wrong with bangs. If you feel like bangs are only perfect for people with wide forehead, then you are wrong. Have you seen the hairstyle of Dakota Johnson? She looks really pretty, isn’t she? Well, you too can look pretty with full fringe as long as you know how to style your hair. There is something about the fringe that makes it classic and glamorous at the same time. If you want an edgy finish, then a blunt bang is perfect. A short and textured layer around the face is elegantly beautiful. This hairstyle is perfect regardless of the shape of the face. If you have thick hair, then you will shine with this particular hairstyle. When styling the hair at home, allow your hair to air dry so that you can highlight the natural texture of the hair. If you have a curling iron, simply wrap the hair in vertical section at a varying direction of the curl. Focus on the hairline to achieve a fresh and modern hairstyle.

If you want your look to be relevant, then you have to know the hairstyles that are trendy. It does not necessarily mean that you have to go with the trend at all times. As long as the hairstyle looks good on you, then you can easily copy that. There are plenty of fashion inspirations online.

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