Sily BandsEvery few years, some new trend in fashion sweeps around the world.  Some “gotta have it” items are so unique and ubiquitous that they become symbols of a certain era – like poodle skirts or bellbottoms.  I had a chat with a second-grader about his Silly Bandz the other day, which inspired me to take a look back at some of the top accessory trends of the last fifty years.  Did you wear any of these?

  • Cat-eye glasses were a staple of the fifties wardrobe, preferably decorated with rhinestones.  And don’t forget the scarf around the neck!
  • The sixties were all about big hair – teased, back-combed, ratted, and rolled.  The bigger the bouffant, the better.  The more Aqua Net and Dippity-Do, the better.  And then, moving into the seventies, hairstyles took a total 180; hippie-chic called for long, straight, air-dried, single-length hair.  Curly girls, as my mother likes to tell me, had to tape their wet hair around soda cans to get it fashionably straight.
  • Mood rings originated in the seventies, and then came back during the nineties.  Everyone pretended that the color changes had to do with your state of mind, but the truth is that mood rings contain a thermochromic substance – something that changes color as it experiences changes in temperature.
  • The eighties was an age of both practical (scrunchies and banana clips) and pointless (slap bracelets) trends.  And do you remember t-shirt clips?  I’d forgotten about the tie-your-baggy-shirt-up-at-one-side thing until I started researching this post.
  • During the nineties, butterfly clips were the big thing; the more the merrier.  I had a friend who had so many that you could cover her entire head with them, like a shimmery plastic helmet.
  • Jelly bracelets came in during the eighties; Madonna favored black ones, but kids went for glittery, colorful styles instead.  And they eventually evolved into the “awareness bracelets” that are still kinda popular – starting with the yellow “Livestrong” bands that the Lance Armstrong Foundation created to show support for cancer research.  In a way, I guess they’ve evolved into one of today’s hottest fads.

Yup.  Silly Bandz.

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